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Flood Damage and Reconstruction

Floods can lead to severe flooding. However, it is crucial to act quickly. It can be more difficult than you think to repair water damage. The perfect company for you is On Time Water Damage Restoration North Fort Worth.

We are always available to provide 24/7 emergency water damage services. On Time Water Damage Restoration‘s decades of expertise and knowledge will make you feel comfortable. Our proven water restoration process will restore your property to what it was before the water damage. This eliminates moisture and helps in drying.

We are aware of how stressful it can be to manage the aftermath of flooding damage. On Time Water Damage Restoration will provide assistance until you and your loved one are safe and sound at home.

On Time Water Damage Restoration of North Fort Worth is available to help with flooding damage repairs or replacements.

Mold remediation

If water leakage is suspected, it’s important to fix the problem. Mold growth is only stimulated by water. It’s not easy to eliminate mold if your company or residence is flooded with water. Although Texas may seem deserted, mold can often be found in humid areas such as shower rooms. You will often need to ventilate more.

Once you have confirmed that mold exists in your home or office, the next step is to remove it. Mold remediation is a process that restores your property to its original condition. Mold can cause property damage and other health issues. It is crucial to eliminate mold as soon as you notice it.

For professional mold remediation, experience and expertise are crucial. This is not an easy task. It takes more than just wiping off the affected areas. Mold remediation professionals are best in handling the majority of instances of mold.

The mold remediation process includes the following:

1. Mold must be removed before any demolition, cleaning, drying or other activities are done to prevent cross-contamination.


2. Professionally clean or dispose of absorbent material. Professional cleaning is recommended for items that have been affected by mold (e.g. carpets, furniture fibres, or other porous materials). Although most items are cleaned professionally, mold will not go away, no matter how many times you clean them.


3. Cleaning to eliminate mold- All visible evidence of mold should be removed prior to an antimicrobial/biocide spray can use to clean the surfaces.


4. Drying – An extensive drying process is required for complete mold remediation. It involves the use of dehumidifiers as well as airmovers. The moisture meters give the most precise reading of whether the material is dry.

On Time Water Damage Restoration of North Fort Worth experts are certified to handle every mold issue. We can help you keep your family safe by assisting with the mold removal.

Leakage of plumbing and burst pipes

Water damage is one the most costly and severe problems homeowners may face. Water damage can cause structural damage to your house and serious electrical hazards.

Water damage can occur in many ways. Ceilings, walls, basements , and kitchens are the most vulnerable areas. These regions are susceptible to flooding and leaky pipe. If you have to deal the issue of water damage or flooding in these common areas, it’s important that professionals are available.

For restoration to be successful, swift water mitigation is vital. Our highly trained experts can be on-site quickly, at any hour of the season and help you. Because of our rapid response teams, we can often restore your floors, walls as well as your personal property to their pre-water damage condition.

If you have any water-related problems, On Time Water Damage Restoration is the right place. Our professionals are trained to focus on water mitigation. This is because they can reduce the damage caused by surface water. The task of water damage restoration can seem overwhelming. On Time Water Damage Restoration can help reduce stress.

Fire Damage

Fire, smoke, and soot can cause damage to your property. On Time Water Damage Restoration of North Fort Worth has a team trained to respond to the effects of fire. We can help you rebuild your indoor environment.

The industry of environmental and disaster mitigation has been around for a while. Our team has been responsible for many restorations of commercial and residential properties. Our experts can help you with smoke removal, cleanup and drying.

Many dangerous materials, such as asbestos and lead, react with heat, flame, or smoke. It is important to consult an expert when working with these materials. They will be able to advise you on the best steps to take in order to minimize the damage and keep you and your family safe. We offer complete restoration services and environmental services to preserve, preserve and protect your home and office.


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